Educa International, o.p.s. is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Czech Republic in 2007 in order to provide beneficial services for the public aimed at education and development of human resources, support of qualification and further education of pedagogic staff, organization of internships for students, young employees, teachers and trainers and also to participate in the national and international programs.

Educa completed Second Chance School 3-years pilot project that aimed at transfer of innovation in support of young people without completed education (age 16 to 26). The project partners were 3 Swedish institutions actively working in this area. The aim of the project was to professionally train young people without any education. The fact that they have not obtained any needed education, therefore, their job opportunities were at the minimum level. The way of solution was to share the approved experiences and devices which could solve the particular matter referring to those students who have been expelled from the school due to various reasons or have failed to obtain professional education, or in some cases they have not been interested in receiving any qualification study after primary school. This particular group of young people without any education is the weakest group concerning a labor market. It is necessary to find a way how to prevent them from being socially excluded without the opportunity to gain proper employment. The goal of all the activities is school leaving prevention.

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