These last weeks we have been working with the youth group to find a goal that was interesting enough to perform. They appeared different options (to make a tennis court, reform our football field with artificial turf, riding a soccer tournament with other schools ....) After several votes decided to make a small outdoor fitness area.

Working with the Youth Group – Spain

Yesterday we started the project work with young people. We brought together 14 boys and girls and we have explained what we did to kick off.

Starting Project Work – Spain

In the middle of the project 25 people from the different partner countries met in Porto between the 19th and 23rd of September. Teachers, social educators, mentors and partners met to share experience and work towards getting deeper into the challenges of the project.


On the 24th May, we showed the theatre play of our school to the community. The performance took place at 9 p.m.

Teatro – Portugal

On January 2016 all partners from “Open the Doors” met in Girona, Catalunya -Spain on the Kick-off meeting, hosted by the Coordinator, the UEC Can Cuní (Associació Educativa Vall del Terri). The purpose of the meeting was to make a strong mutual understanding of the Project and discuss the key elements. The meeting was held at the Education Department of the Catalan Government.